Overview of our services & products


When creating a software package for a diamond company or dealer, we at Coman figure out what solutions can we provide to the needs of our customers, and what is the best and most user-friendly way to implement those solutions.

The GEM software package was crafted with the diamond dealers needs in mind, and thus we have been able to create the most advanced and comprehensive software package in the diamond industry. Additionally, we provide addons to GEM in order to further extend its capabillities, and also provide stand-alone programs for specific uses.


Our products are hand-crafted especially for the diamond industry. Please choose a product for further information:

ComanNet Cloud Service


A new technology that helps you work with fluency.

Subscribers of the ComanNet services are able to send email directly from GEM, and view and publish on a worldwide messageboard.

Find new suppliers or clients using the ComanNet message board, directly from your GEM.