Coman Production Software


From rough to polish, Coman's Production program will help you manage everything every step of the way.

The production program is a powerful tool that is designated to manage the production process of the diamond. As a standalone software or as an addon to GEM, This program will assist you running your production processes in an organized manner.


Connected to GEM or as a stand-alone tool, the Production program have a variety of features including:

  • Managing production processes
  • Managing employess
  • Managing Wages
  • Automated tracking of the production processes of the diamond (sawing, polishing etc)
  • Loss calculations
  • Automatic transfer to polished inventory
  • Cost calculations (labor, loss)
  • Dispatch / credit stones
  • Wide range of reports and statistics
  • User friendly interface
  • Can work as a stand alone package or directly connected to GEM
  • Pair matching report