Jewelry Manager


The jewelry manager will help you manage your stock of jewels efficiently.

The Jewelry Manager will help you keep track of your jewel stock on sales.

This program is dedicated to the Jewels industry, and is capable of assisting in managing your stocks, sales as well as jewel production tracking.

Professional Support


Direct service & support via e-mail, fax, chat, or phone.

When purchasing a Coman product, you also get subscription to our Support services for one year. This subscription entitle you to free support sessions, guiding sessions, as well as access to the ComanNet services.

Jewelry Program Features

  • Create a Jewel catalog
  • Tracking Jewelry manufactoring
  • Save an image for each item
  • Information for each item such as diamonds type, weight, gold type and more
  • Memo management
  • Revision management
  • Sales management
  • Variety of reports