GEM6 - Diamond office management system


Coman's flagship solution for diamond companies and dealers, GEM6 is a powerful yet friendly software package that can run your office.

GEM6 is the latest edition of GEM, our leading software package for diamond offices and dealers. This software is capable of managing everything your office needs, and offers a variety of reports.

With GEM6, you will be able to focus more on diamonds and less on paperwork.

GEM6 Features

Inventory Module

  • Detailed information regarding every brifca / diamond: carats, prices, qualities, certificats and more.
  • History for each item
  • Merge / calculation of parcels, mix in/out of stones in just three clicks
  • Memo management
  • Upload to internet services such as Idex, Rapaport, Polygon etc.
  • 1-Click download of Rapaport price list into the program
  • Send e-Mails directly from the program
  • Variety of reports: stock reports, memo reports, gemmological certificate reports, and many more

Finance Module

  • Automatic management of purchases and sales including inventory update, prices, payment terms, customer/supplier statement and much more
  • Bank accounts management
  • Automatic repayments reminder
  • Relevant salesmen information
  • Various reports: cash flow, debts age, customer/suppliers statement, profit reports and many others
  • Partnership management
  • Price quotes management