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With over 300 clients in Israel, United States, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Japan and more, we are confident we can offer the best software solutions your business needs.

Coman Software Solutions is a leading software company in the diamond industry. Our software is hand crafted especially for diamond companies and dealers, providing a user friendly experience and powerful management tools.

Our most advanced software package for the diamond industry is GEM6. This advanced software package is capable of managing your diamond office while maintaining a simple and user friendly experience.

Professional Support


Direct service & support via e-mail, fax, chat, or phone.

When purchasing a Coman product, you also get subscription to our Support services for one year. This subscription entitle you to free support sessions, guiding sessions, as well as access to the ComanNet services.

ComanNet Services

GEM6 software package directly connects you to the ComanNet services. This exciting new pack of features allow Coman clients to:

  • Directly send invoices through ComanNet
  • Additional features will be included in future upgrades